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Our main areas

Telecom platform development

Fredenheim has for 25 years created tip of the spear development platforms for the telecom industry. World-wide IT migrations and Transformations in telecom environments are a day to day activity, where Fredenheim’s IT Architects and Program Managers deliver R&D business case proven certainty.

Program Management

Fredenheim has a permanent Program presence in one of Sweden's largest Telecom corporations. We assist with program- and sourcing management, executive advice, second opinion, financial reports, decision analysis after spend/phase implementation. Fredenheim also has a global test environment branch, which sees optimal- and energy efficient construction and deployment of labs, data centers and ICT centers. Furthermore Fredenheim has multiple engineering resources based in India.

Internal marketing & communication

Fredenheim has senior knowledge with regards marketing and internal communications at large corporations. Multi-national platform releases as well as migrations and transformations, are with ease communicated world wide.

User Experience / Graphical design

Fredenheim has extensive experience with graphical design and UX. We are actively involved in graphical design and UX projects with regards to web- and smartphone applications.

Designer and developer of social platforms

Fredenheim has experience in maintaining and developing social collaboration platforms both at small companies as well as at multi-national companies.

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In Short

Fredenheim has for 25 years acted as a tip of the spear Telecom Development Provider. Fredenheim has defined entire Linux client Telecom landscape in Scandinavia, with a market leading depth and precision.

Fredenheim corporation has highest credit worthiness available, AAA.

HÖGSTA KREDITVÄRDIGHETOur company is credit worthy according to Bisnode's credit assessment system that is based on a number of decision rules. This credit rating is updated on a daily basis, and always shows the current rating and date.

SuperCompany Award 2018
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